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Table 2 Transgenic models of the IGF1-Akt pathway: effect on growth

From: Regulation of skeletal muscle growth by the IGF1-Akt/PKB pathway: insights from genetic models

Genotype1 Viability Phenotype References
ASA-hIGF1 Viable Muscle hypertrophy [45, 47]
MLC1-IGF1 Viable Muscle hypertrophy [51]
MCK-d.n. IGF1 receptor2 Viable Transient delay of postnatal muscle growth; unaffected overload-induced muscle hypertrophy; impaired muscle regeneration [5962]
HSA-Akt1, inducible Viable Muscle hypertrophy [79]
MCK-myrAkt1, inducible Viable Muscle hypertrophy [80]
MLC1f-myrAkt1, inducible Viable Muscle hypertrophy [82]
HSA-FoxO1 Viable Muscle atrophy [90]
  1. 1Promoters used to drive transgene expression: ASA = avian skeletal actin; HSA = human skeletal actin; MCK = muscle creatine kinase; MLC1 = myosin light chain 1 fast.
  2. 2This transgene acts as a dominant negative for both the insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor and the insulin receptor, thus causing diabetes.