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Table 1 Number and genomic location of musculin and MyoD ChIP-seq peaks in RD cells

From: Genome-wide binding of the basic helix-loop-helix myogenic inhibitor musculin has substantial overlap with MyoD: implications for buffering activity

Factor Number of peaks Genomic location (fraction of peaks)a
  P value cutoffb Promoterc Proximal promoterd 3 Primee Exon Intron Upstreamf Downstreamg Intergenich
  10-5 10-7 10-10         
Musculin 54901 39036 25688 0.165 0.231 0.029 0.204 0.563 0.209 0.170 0.423
MyoD [21] 50320 35203 24501 0.110 0.175 0.027 0.154 0.560 0.187 0.164 0.405
  1. aThe fraction of MyoD and musculin peaks found in each listed type of genomic region are given. Note that categories are not mutually exclusive, and a single peak may be included in multiple categories.
  2. bThree P value cutoffs were used to evaluate whether ChIP-seq reads are considered a ‘peak’ and included in the count of the total number of peaks.
  3. c+/−500 bp from the transcription start site (TSS).
  4. d+/−2 kb from the TSS.
  5. e+/−500 nucleotides from the end of the transcript.
  6. f–2 kb to −10 kb upstream of the TSS.
  7. g+2 kb to +10 kb from the end of the transcript.
  8. h>10 kb from any annotated gene.