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Table 1 Surface markers used within flow cytometry panels

From: Established cell surface markers efficiently isolate highly overlapping populations of skeletal muscle satellite cells by fluorescence-activated cell sorting

Marker Clone Fluorophore conjugate Titer
Ly6A/E Sca1 E3-161.7 APC 1:200
CD31   390 APC 1:200
CD45   30-F11 APC 1:200
CD11b Mac1 M1/70 APC 1:200
  Ter119 Ter119 APC 1:200
CD29 β1-integrin HMβ1-1 APC-Cy7 1:100
CD184 CXCR4 2B11 PE-CY7 1:100
CD106 Vcam M/K-2 PE 1:100
  α7-integrin R2F2 PE 1:200
CD34   Ram1 AlexaFluor700 1:25
  1. Cluster of differentiation (CD) number, where relevant, target antigen, clone name, fluorophore conjugate, and optimal titer are listed for each antibody used in this study