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Table 1 Summary of analyzed transcriptomic datasets of activated and quiescent states of mouse muscle stem (satellite) cells. Three new high-throughput experimental setups and six publically available microarray datasets comparing activated satellite cells (ASCs) and quiescent satellite cells (QSCs) are shown in the rows. The biological, experimental, and technical details of each experiment are shown in the different columns of the Table

From: Comparison of multiple transcriptomes exposes unified and divergent features of quiescent and activated skeletal muscle stem cells

Ref/code Quiescent [high/low] D3 Activated [high/low] Quiescent activated Fetal R26NICD [E17.5/E14.5] GSE47177 Liu et al. [9] GSE3483 Fukada et al. [10] GSE15155 Pallafacchina et al. [11] GSE38870 Farina et al. [12] GSE70376 García-Prat et al. [13] GSE81096 Lukjanenko et al. [14]
Num. of samples 3 QSC_Pax7 low, 3 ASC_Pax7 low, 3 QSC_Pax7 high, 3 ASC_Pax7 high 3 QSC, 3 P8_ASC 3 "QSC," 3 "ASC 3 QSC,
3 ASC 60 h,
3 ASC 84 h
3 QSC, 3 ASC 3 QSC, 3 ASC 3 QSC, 3 ASC 4 QSC, 4 ASC 6 QSC, 5 ASC
Date 2013 2007 2015 2013 2007 2010 2012 2015 2016
Anatomy Tibialis anterior Limb, body wall, diaphragm Forelimbs Hindlimb Hindlimb Diaphragm, pectoralis, abdominal muscles Tibialis anterior Tibialis anterior Tibialis anterior, gastro-necmius, quadriceps
Sex M   M, F M F M, F F M M
Age 6–8 w P8, 4–5 w E14.5, E17.5 8 w 8–12 w 6 w 3–6 m Young: 3 m, old: 20–24 m Young: 9–15 w, old: 20–24 m
Strain C57BL/6 B6.129   C57BL/6 (Jackson) C57BL/7 (nihon clea)   C57BL/6 x DBA2 (??) C57BL/6 C57BL/6 (Janvier)
Reporter Tg:Pax7-nGFP (10% high, 10% low) Pax7nGFP/+ Myf5Cre+: R26stop-NICDgfp/+ Pax7CreER/+ R26eYFP/+   Pax3GFP/+ (high GFP)    
Activation Notexin P8 = “activated” E14.5 = “activated” BaCl2 QSCs in culture for 4 d Pax3GFP/+, Pax3GFP/+:mdx:mdx
Adult; adult mdx; 1 w old; 3 d in culture
Injury: BaCl2 (50 μL 1.2%) Cardiotoxin Cardiotoxin
QSCs Purif. Reporter Reporter Reporter FACS: Pax7CreER/+; R26eYFP/+ FACS: CD45−/SM/C-2.6+ Reporter FACS: syndecan-3 FACS: integrin-alpha7+/Lin−/CD31−/CD45−/CD11b−/Sca1- CD34+/integrin-alpha7+/Lin-
Timing Quiescent and 3 d postinjury   E17.5(“Q”), E14.5(“A”) 36 h (1.5 d), 60 h (2.5 d), 84 h (3.5 d) postinjury 4 d in culture 3 d in culture 12 h or 48 h postinjury 72 h (3 d) 72 h (3 d)
Platform Affymetrix Mouse Gene 1.0ST Affymetrix 430_2.0 Affymetrix Mouse Gene 1.0ST, Affymetrix Mouse Gene 2.0ST Affymetrix Mouse Gene 1.0ST Affymetrix 430A Affymetrix 430_2.0 Affymetrix 430_2.0 Agilent 028005 SurePrint G3Mouse 8x60k Microarray Illumina MouseRef-8 v2.0
  1. h hours, d days, w weeks, m months