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Table 1 Timeline of experimental procedures performed on groups A, B, C, D of P448Lneo− and control mice. Groups A, B, and D were composed of P448Lneo− (n = 8) and control (n = 8) mice. Group C was composed of P448Lneo− (n = 8), exercised P448Lneo− (n = 12), and control (n = 8) mice. Group A was studied at 1 month of age. Group B was studied at 2 months of age. Group C was studied every month until age 6 months of age. A group of P448Lneo− mice underwent exercise treadmill running until 6 months of age. Control mice did not undergo exercise testing. Group D was studied until 9 months of age

From: Skeletal, cardiac, and respiratory muscle function and histopathology in the P448Lneo− mouse model of FKRP-deficient muscular dystrophy

Group A B C D
Timeline (months of age) 1 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 9
Treadmill exercise (2×/week only P448Lneo mice)    x x x x x x  
Body weight x x x x x x x x x
Grip strength test    x x x x x x x
Digiscan activity    x x x x x x x
Echocardiography     x     x x
Plethysmography     x     x x
Serum creatinine kinase x x       x x
Histology x x       x x
Fibrosis x x       x x