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Fig. 4 | Skeletal Muscle

Fig. 4

From: MuscleJ: a high-content analysis method to study skeletal muscle with a new Fiji tool

Fig. 4

Method validation by feature. a The left panel represents the manual drawing of skeletal muscle fibers by two independent experts. The right panel is a graph representing the cross-section area (CSA) mean by expert compared to MuscleJ. b The percentage of fibers with no, one, two, or three and more centronuclei was quantified by MuscleJ on control skeletal muscle sections (left, CTRL, n = 4) and sections from injured skeletal muscle (right, n = 5). c Manual expertise by five independent experts compared to MuscleJ for the quantification of the percentage of centronucleated fibers. d, e Results obtained for manual quantification compared to MuscleJ for the number of satellite cells by mm2 (d), vessels by mm2 (e) and fiber type distribution. f For d, e, and f, each black dot represents the mean of manual quantification by five independent experts per image. Mann–Whitney test was used to compare manual and MuscleJ data for Sat. Cells and Vessels by mm2 (respectively, p = 0.70 and p = 0.40)

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