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Fig. 1

From: Open-CSAM, a new tool for semi-automated analysis of myofiber cross-sectional area in regenerating adult skeletal muscle

Fig. 1

Open-CSAM workflow. Step 1: When the macro starts, a window automatically opens to select the image to be analyzed (here muscle cryosections immunostained for laminin). Step 2: Open-CSAM applies the ImageJ threshold “Huang” on the image. Huang threshold was chosen by empiric assays. Threshold application allows image binarization. Step 3: open function allows to adjust the myofiber contours. Myofibers are filled by the function “fill holes.” Step 4: Only the entire myofibers are selected to be analyzed. Other selected parameters as circularity and the size are used to avoid the inclusion of too many false myofibers. Step 5: The area of the selected myofibers is measured. Step 6: At the end of the measurement, all the region of interests (ROI, here the myofibers) are automatically superimposed for visual checking. It is then possible to manually delete or add new myofibers. Bars = 25 μm

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