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Fig. 4

From: Open-CSAM, a new tool for semi-automated analysis of myofiber cross-sectional area in regenerating adult skeletal muscle

Fig. 4

Manual corrections after Open-CSAM analysis. a Percentage of false myofibers detected (black histograms) and missed myofibers (white histograms) by Open-CSAM that needed manual correction for TA muscles from young and old uninjured mice as well as from 3 muscles analyzed 14 days post-CTX injury. b, c Open-CSAM analysis of a TA muscle 28 days post-CTX injury. b CSA (left graph) and number of fibers manually corrected (right graph) after analysis by Open-CSAM by three different users (each color represents a single user). c Whole image of the TA muscle analyzed in b showing myofibers (yellow) detected by Open-CSAM before (left panel) and after (right panel) manual correction. Blue and red boxes represent zoom-in examples of two specific areas that needed extensive manual correction. White bar = 250 μm

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