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Fig. 4 | Skeletal Muscle

Fig. 4

From: Two functional variants at 6p21.1 were associated with lean mass

Fig. 4

EMSA assay a–d EMSA results for rs524533, rs571770, rs551145, and rs545970, respectively. For both alleles at each SNP, five conditions were conducted: (1) negative control in which neither competitor probe nor nucleoproteins were added (lanes 1 and 6); (2) binding reaction in which labeled probe and nucleoproteins were added (lanes 2 and 7); (3) competition reaction in which 2-fold excess of competitor probe were added (lanes 3 and 8); (4) competition reaction in which 10-fold excess of competitor probe were added (lanes 4 and 9); and (5) competition reaction in which 50-fold excess of competitor probe were added (lanes 5 and 10). Only rs524533 and rs571770 showed allelic specific binding affinity to some unknown nuclear protein, while rs551145 and rs545970 did not

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