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Table 2 Validated hits from hSSPN-EGFP screen reveal enrichment of calcium channel blockers

From: Development of a high-throughput screen to identify small molecule enhancers of sarcospan for the treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy

FelodipineL-type Ca2 + channel blocker
GW5074cRaf1 kinase inhibitor
IsoproterenolSympathomimetic amine acting on β-adrenoceptors
IsradipineL-type Ca2 + channel blocker
LacidipineL-type Ca2 + channel blocker
NandroloneAnabolic-androgenic steroid
NilvadipineL-type Ca2 + channel blocker
  1. The screen resulted in 13 initial hits, which were further validated with the hSSPN-EGFP reporter with an n = 24. The 7 validated hits included an overrepresented number of L-type calcium channel blockers