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Table 2 GO superterms enriched in FSHD-like models

From: Transgenic mice expressing tunable levels of DUX4 develop characteristic facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy-like pathophysiology ranging in severity

ComparisonStatusGO superterm% of genes associateda
iDUX4 Dox vs vehicleUpApoptosis16.42
iDUX4 Dox vs vehicleUpCell cycle12.55
iDUX4 Dox vs vehicleUpImmune0.53
iDUX4 Dox vs vehicleDownCell cycle39.25
iDUX4 Dox vs vehicleDownImmune7.07
iDUX4 Dox vs vehicleDownMuscle4.99
Moderate model vs MCMUpImmune30.06
Moderate model vs MCMUpCell cycle24.91
Moderate model vs MCMUpApoptosis10.29
Moderate model vs MCMDownMuscle8.23
Severe model vs MCMUpImmune31.05
Severe model vs MCMUpCell cycle26.43
Severe model vs MCMUpApoptosis16.95
Severe model vs MCMUpMuscle0.70
Severe model vs MCMDownMuscle14.84
  1. Superterms listed in Table S4
  2. aGenes enriched for each comparison are listed in Table S5