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Table 1 ECC protocols in research for testing susceptibility of isolated male mdx EDL muscle to force loss

From: Mechanical factors tune the sensitivity of mdx muscle to eccentric strength loss and its protection by antioxidant and calcium modulators

ParameterAllen [19]Brooks [20]Faulkner/Chamberlain [21, 22]Davies [23]Duan [24]Gailly [25]Lowe/Ervasti [16,26,27,28]cLynch [29]cMarechal [6]cMendell/Janssen [30, 31]Morley/Head [32]Sweeney/Barton [5, 33]c
Mouse age (converted to nearest month)2–351–2a [21]
7–10a [22]
2–32–33–43–6 [16, 27]
3 [26]
6 [28]
2–31–161–5 [30]
2–3 [31]
1–2 and 6–73 and 14 [33]
3 [5]
Bath temperature (°C)222525Not specified30202525203022–2423
Number of contractions1012–65107106121035
Time between contractions (s)30n/a1030012010180120180d120300240Ɛ
Total length change (%)3020–60b30b7.7108105–40b15–17b5–101510
Lengthening velocity (Lo/s)3.02b1b6.6–11.1 mm/s0. [30]
0.5b [31]
1 mm/s0.5
Contraction duration (ms)100100–300e300e1402009020025–200e150–170e200~ 3750e200
Stimulation Frequency (Hz)120f~ 130f180fNot specified150125175Not specified125150f10080 and 120 [33]
80 [5]
Isometric force loss (%)60–7010–50~ 75–9055~ 55> 9080–9060–703880–95~ 8–60g64
  1. Studies are representative and do not encompass all published protocols on whole EDL muscle from mdx mice studied ex vivo
  2. Protocols are identified based the principal investigator’s laboratory
  3. All mdx mice had a variation of the C57BL/10 background unless indicated otherwise
  4. ECC eccentric contraction, Lo optimal muscle length
  5. Contraction duration is the time during the eccentric portion of the ECC
  6. Isometric force loss is either the percent change in isometric tetanic force between the first and last contraction generated during the isometric plateau of the ECC or that from separate maximal isometric tetanic contractions before and then following the ECC protocol
  7. aC57BL/6 background
  8. bCalculated and reported based on fiber length rather than muscle length
  9. cPapers that include data on skeletal muscles in addition to EDL muscle
  10. dTime between eccentric contractions followed by 15 min between two sets of 6 ECC
  11. eStimulation duration calculated or estimated from publication
  12. fStimulation frequency of isometric tetanic contractions [stimulation frequency of ECC not specified]
  13. gLoss of isometric force is age-dependent