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Table 1 Commercial antibodies for the diagnosis of muscular dystrophies.

From: From proteins to genes: immunoanalysis in the diagnosis of muscular dystrophies

Antigen Host/Isotype Clone IHC WB
Spectrin Mouse IgG2b RBC2/3D5 Y N
Dystrophin (N term) Mouse IgG2a Dy10/12B2 Y Y
Dystrophin (rod domain) Mouse IgG2a Dy4/6D3Y Y Y
Dystrophin (C-term) Mouse IgG1 Dy8/6C5 Y Y
Dystrophin (C-term) Mouse IgG1 MANDRA1 Y Y
Utrophin Mouse IgG1 DRP3/20C5 Y N
nNOS Mouse IgG1 RN5 Y N
Myotilin Mouse IgG1 RS034 Y N
Lamin A/C Mouse IgG2b 636 Y* N
Caveolin-3 Mouse IgG1 26/Caveolin 3 Y Y
Calpain-3 Mouse IgG2b Calp3d/2C4 N Y
Calpain-3 Mouse IgG2a Calp3d/12A2 N Y
Dysferlin Mouse IgG1 Ham1/7B6 Y Y
Dysferlin Mouse IgG2bκ Ham3/17B2 Y N
α-Sarcoglycan Mouse IgG1 Ad1/20A6 Y Y
β-Sarcoglycan Mouse IgG1 b-sarc/5B1 Y N
γ-Sarcoglycan Mouse IgG2bκ 35DAG/21B5 Y Y
δ-Sarcoglycan Mouse IgG2aκ d-sarc3/12C1 Y N
Telethonin Mouse IgG1 G-11 N N
α-Dystroglycan Mouse IgM IIH6 Y Y
α-Dystroglycan Mouse IgG1 VIA4-1 Y Y
β-Dystroglycan Mouse IgG2a 43DAG1/8D5 Y Y
Laminin α2 80kDa Mouse IgG1 5H2 Y Y
Laminin α2 300kDa Mouse IgG1κ Mer3/22B2 Y N
Laminin α2 300kDa Rat IgG1 4H8 Y N
Laminin α5 Mouse IgG2a 4C7 Y N
Laminin β1 Mouse IgG1κ 4E10 Y* N
Laminin γ1 Mouse IgG1κ 2E8 Y N
Laminin γ1 Mouse IgG2a A5 Y N
Collagen VI Mouse IgG1 3C4 Y N
Collagen VI Rat IgG1κ VI-26 Y N
Perlecan Mouse IgG2aκ A7L6 Y N
Emerin Mouse IgG1 4G5 Y N
Desmin Mouse IgG1 D33 Y N
αB-Crystallin Rabbit Polyclonal G2JF Y N
VCP Mouse IgG1 18/VCP Y N
PTRF-cavin Mouse IgG1 4/PTRF N Y
MHC class I Mouse IgG2a W6-32 Y N
Neonatal Myosin Mouse IgG1 WB-MHCn Y N
  1. The list includes antibodies for the detection of primary or secondary defects and for the assessment of quality and preservation of samples.
  2. *Immunoanalysis possible but not informative for diagnostic assessment.
  3. IHC = immunohistochemistry; MHC = major histocompatibility complex; N = labelling not carried out routinely or antibody not tested/not suitable for test; nNOS = neuronal nitric oxide synthase; PTRF = polymerase I and transcript release factor; VCP = valosin-containing protein; WB = western blot; Y = labelling carried out routinely.