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Call for Papers: Gene Therapy in Skeletal Muscle and Neuromuscular Diseases

We are proud to announce a new Collection focusing on gene therapies in skeletal muscle and neuromuscular diseases. We welcome articles exploring various aspects of gene therapy for these diseases, and highlighting measures to overcome the challenges related to gene therapies.

Featured Article: Expression of Myomaker and Myomerger in myofibers causes muscle pathology

Myomaker and Myomerger in myofibers

Skeletal Muscle is excited to feature the recently-published paper by Phillip C. Witcher, Chengyi Sun & Douglas P. Millay. It explores the importance of protein quality control mechanisms in skeletal muscle and their therapeutic implications for muscle diseases. The research delves into the intricate molecular processes responsible for maintaining protein homeostasis in skeletal muscle cells and highlights the critical role of various molecular chaperones and degradation pathways. The findings shed light on potential therapeutic strategies that can be employed to alleviate the burden of muscle diseases by targeting protein quality control mechanisms.


Aims and scope

Skeletal Muscle is a peer-reviewed, open access, online journal that publishes articles investigating molecular mechanisms underlying the biology of skeletal muscle. A wide range of skeletal muscle biology is included: development, metabolism, the regulation of mass and function, aging, degeneration, dystrophy and regeneration. The emphasis is on understanding adult skeletal muscle, its maintenance, and its interactions with non-muscle cell types and regulatory modulators.

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Editor quotes

New Content Item

Carmen Birchmeier, co-Editor- in-Chief

"Skeletal muscle provides a platform for work on basic mechanisms used during muscle development, regeneration disease and aging. I find the similarities and differences between developing and adult muscle stem cells particularly fascinating."

New Content ItemMarkus A Rüegg, co-Editor-in-Chief

"Skeletal Muscle publishes influential mechanistic and methodological papers in the field and has become an important journal for my own research. I hope to further strengthen the journal´s coverage of mechanisms involved in the pathology of neuromuscular diseases."

David Glass, co-Editor-in-Chief

"The goal of the journal is to understand how the skeletal muscle relevant cellular systems work, so that one might be able to improve human health and combat disease.”

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