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Table 1 A/Description of primary baits

From: A human skeletal muscle interactome centered on proteins involved in muscular dystrophies: LGMD interactome

Protein name Protein symbol and LGMD form Bait domain coordinates (aa)* Bait domain description
calpain 3 CAPN3 (LGMD2A) T417-S643 C2-like domain + exons15-16
  M1-A822 full length protein with the C129S mutation in the autocatalytic site
dysferlin DYSF (LGMD2B) L2-I485 N-terminal DYSF regions containing the first three C2 domains
  Q851-D1200 central DYSF domain
  I1145-L2026 C-terminal DYSF domain containing the last four C2 domains and excluding the transmembrane span
γ- sarcoglycan SGCG (LGMD2C) M1-L36 cytoplasmic domain
α-sarcoglycan SGCA (LGMD2D) M313-H388 cytoplasmic domain
β-sarcoglycan SGCB (LGMD2E) E10-A65 cytoplasmic domain
δ-sarcoglycan SGCD (LGMD2F) E1-Y36 cytoplasmic domain
titin-cap (telethonin) TCAP (LGMD2G) M1-G167 full length protein
tripartite motif-containing 32 TRIM32 (LGMD2H) L66-P654 full length protein minus the RING domain
titin TTN (LGMD2J) V97-K469 exons 4-8 from the Z-Disc region
I741-G948 exons 14-17 from the Z-Disc region
R2120-L2564 exons 28-33 from the Z-Disc region
A8831-E9158 exons 108-114 from the N2A-PEVK region
T32840-I33423 exons 358-363 from the Mline region
ankyrin repeat domain 1 ANKRD1 M1-F319 full length protein
ezrin EZR M1-S536 full length protein minus the actin-binding C-terminal domain
F-box protein 32 (MAFbx) FBXO32 M1-F356 full length protein
tripartite motif-containing 63 (MuRF1) TRIM63 M1-Q354 full length protein
  1. * amino acid coordinates refer to the translated products of the nucleotide sequences indicated in Additional file2: Table S2.