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Table 1 MYH and MYL genes expressed in developing mammalian skeletal muscle

From: Developmental myosins: expression patterns and functional significance

Protein Gene Expression in developing muscle Expression in adult muscle
Myosin heavy chainsa    
 MyHC-emb MYH3 Embryonic and fetal muscle Specialized musclesb
 MyHC-neo MYH8 Embryonic and fetal muscle Specialized musclesb
 MyHC-slow MYH7 Embryonic and fetal muscle Type 1 muscle fibers and ventricles
 MyHC-2A MYH2 Fetal (human) or early postnatal (mouse) muscle Type 2A muscle fibers
 MyHC-2X MYH1 Late fetal (human) or early postnatal (mouse) muscle Type 2X muscle fibers
 MyHC-2B MYH4 Postnatal muscle Type 2B muscle fibers
Essential myosin light chainsc    
 MLC-1fastd MYL1 Embryonic muscle Fast muscle
 MLC-3fastd MYL1 Fetal muscle (mouse: after E15) Fast muscle (2B > 2A)
 MLC-1emb/atrial MYL4 Embryonic muscle, heart Atria
 MLC-1sb MYL3 Fetal muscle (mouse: after E15) Slow skeletal muscle and ventricles
 MLC1-sa MYL6B Fetal muscle (human) Slow skeletal muscle, not ventricles, in human, not mouse
Regulatory myosin light chains    
 MLC-2fast MYLPF Embryonic and fetal muscle Fast muscle
 MLC-2slow MYL2 Embryonic and fetal muscle Slow muscle and ventricles
  1. aOther five MyHCs coded by genes with limited expression in specialized skeletal muscles (MYH6, MYH7b, MYH13, MYH15, and MYH16) are not considered in this Table (see [1])
  2. bExtraocular, masticatory, laryngeal muscles, and muscle spindles
  3. cAn additional MLC, coded by the MYL6 gene, which is normally expressed in smooth muscle and non-muscle cells, is detectable in human fetal muscle and human cultured muscle cells [50]. However, it is not clear whether this MLC is associated to sarcomeric myosins
  4. dSplicing product of the MYL1 gene