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Fig. 5

From: Intracellular Ca2+-handling differs markedly between intact human muscle fibers and myotubes

Fig. 5

The ultrastructure differs markedly between human muscle fibers and myotubes. Representative TEM image of the ultrastructure in human intercostal muscle fibers (a, c) and human myotubes (b, d). b Note presence of areas containing rudimentary myofilament structures along with areas that lack even rudimentary myofilament structures in myotubes. c, d Magnification of the areas indicated in a, b, respectively. In human intercostal muscle fibers (c), the characteristic arrangement of myofibrils separated by triads (arrow) at the junction of the A (A) and I bands (I) that are absent in human myotubes (d), where only rudimentary myofilament structures (asterisk) can be seen. Scale bars indicate 1 μm

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