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Fig. 3 | Skeletal Muscle

Fig. 3

From: MuscleJ: a high-content analysis method to study skeletal muscle with a new Fiji tool

Fig. 3

Scoring of skeletal muscle phenotypes. The upper panel represents entire skeletal muscle sections obtained from immunofluorescent staining with different antibodies (laminin, Pax7, CD31, myosin I, myosin IIA, myosin IIB) and Dapi. SB equals 500 μm (20×, AxioscanZ1). The lower panel represents cartographies made by MuscleJ of the respective stainings. Arrows indicate selections of enlarged fibers in boxes. For satellite cell, each channel is represented separately. The first cartography, colored with a green scale represents the cross-section area (CSA) of skeletal muscle fibers. The number of centronuclei, vessels per fiber (CD31+), satellite cells (Pax7+) per fiber and the fiber typing are represented by red, pink, violet, and purple-blue scales respectively. Color scales can directly be incorporated in the saved cartographies

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