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Table 2 The sequences of oligonucleotide primers

From: The effects of neuregulin-1β on intrafusal muscle fiber formation in neuromuscular coculture of dorsal root ganglion explants and skeletal muscle cells

Genes Primer sequences Length after amplification
GAP-43 5′-AAG AAG GAG GGA GAT GGC TCT-3′ (forward) 197
5′-GAG GAC GGC GAG TTA TCA GTG-3′ (reverse)
TrkC 5’-CCC ACT ACA ACA ATG GCA ACT A-3′ (forward) 187
5’-CCA AAA GTG TCT TCC TCT GGT T-3′ (reverse)
GAPDH 5’-GGC ACA GTC AAG GCT GAG AAT G-3′ (forward) 143
5′-ATG GTG GTG AAG ACG CCA GTA-3′ (reverse)