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Fig. 5

From: Open-CSAM, a new tool for semi-automated analysis of myofiber cross-sectional area in regenerating adult skeletal muscle

Fig. 5

Comparison of Open-CSAM, MyoVision, MuscleJ, and SMASH CSA quantification on whole muscle sections. CSA was measured using Open-CSAM (with or without manual correction), MyoVision, MuscleJ, or SMASH on whole TA muscle images obtained from uninjured (D0) or 8 days (D8) and 28 days (D28) post-CTX injury. a Mean CSA measured by the different softwares. b Number of fibers identified by the softwares. c Total analysis time required by the softwares. d Distribution of CSA obtained by the five methods on D0 (top graph), D8 (middle graph), and D28 (bottom graph) whole muscles

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