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Table 2 List of surface and intracellular (FoxP3) anti-mouse antibodies that were used for flow cytometry

From: Dnmt3b regulates DUX4 expression in a tissue-dependent manner in transgenic D4Z4 mice

Product Clone Company
AF647 anti-mouse FoxP3 MF-14 Biolegend
APC anti-mouse CD44 IM7 Biolegend
Pacific Blue anti-mouse CD8a 53-6.7 Biolegend
Pacific Blue anti-mouse CD11b M1/70 Biolegend
PE anti-mouse CD11c N418 Biolegend
PE anti-mouse CD19 6D5 Biolegend
PE anti-mouse CD25 PC61 Biolegend
PE/Cy7 anti-mouse CD90.2 53-2.1 Biolegend
PE/Cy7 anti-mouse Ly-6C HK1.4 Biolegend
PerCP anti-mouse CD4 GK1.5 Biolegend
PerCP anti-mouse Ly6G 1A8 Biolegend
FITC anti-mouse F4/80 BM8 eBioscience